New Site, New Start

Just a new blog post to celebrate me refreshing my home page plus few life changes 🎉

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Good morning, or maybe I should say Goodnight. 🌙

It’s approximately 7am. 7am Outside

Yes, I’ve spent the whole night messing around with the Hugo, Docker, Ansible and a few other pieces of tech as I enjoy my one week break after leaving my previous employer.

Honestly, I feel like a little schoolboy again who is too excited to sleep the night before a school trip.

I ❤️ tech.

So this week, more so, this sleepless night I’ve successfully migrated domains and in the process have had to enjoy the pain of updating my contact and login e-mail addresses everywhere (surely there must be an app for this!). However, the pain of having to do this has been a good auditing exercise for me and is something I recommend everyone to be doing on a regular basis.

I’ve found accounts that:

  • haven’t been logged into for years 🙉
  • were using completely wrong e-mail addresses 🙈
  • had their 2FA configured incorrectly 🙊
  • their login data was so old I had no way of accessing the account 💀

As you can imagine sorting out all of that and cleaning up my online digital footprint alone has taken up a good portion of this week but it has felt great.
I’ve also been writing scripts for tiny things here and there and tweaking things to get them just right whilst linking API’s together.

Now that I’m running my own password manager, read-it-later and RSS feeder services and have a fresh new site, the next thing on my list is brain dump of everything into my inbox in my GTD system.

However, this is looking equally painful, as you can see… GTD Inbox List And above is just the tip of the iceberg…😱

In other news, I’ll be starting at ExaWizards Inc next week, which I’m super SUPER excited about, and I have more than enough personal and start-up projects to get on with now as well.⚡

Things are going to get busy around here 👊, and just before they do, I will take a quick break to continue watching Hero Mask (it’s actually quite decent and the British setting and background scenes are really nostalgic to watch). Hero Mask

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